The Seacoast Dancers

2018-2019 Choreography Winner “Slap That Bass”

The Seacoast Dancers

The Seacoast Dancers perform “Torn”
Capezio A.C.E. Award Finalist
Choreography by Erin Pasko

The Seacoast Dancers

The Seacoast Dancers is a pre-professional dance team that was formed to provide young aspiring students with more performing opportunities and an opportunity to take their dance training to the next level. The team consists of dancers with similar interests who come together to learn, rehearse, and perform in a supportive and fun environment. These dancers have a passion for dance, and the rewards that they receive from being a member are invaluable. The team becomes a second family to them, building friendships and memories that last a lifetime. It also provides them with opportunities to associate with dancers from all over the world, study with renowned teachers and choreographers, and travel with their passion and talent for dance.

The Seacoast Dancers have been consistently recognized by reputable individuals and groups in the competitive dance industry for their outstanding technique, performance, choreography, professionalism, and team-work. The team participates in roughly 5-6 competitions/conventions on weekends throughout the season, most of them ranging in the peak competitive time from January to late April with one competition in late November. Competitions and conventions are within driving distance in the tri-state area, most typically in North Jersey, NYC, Trenton, or Philadelphia. Having achieved outstanding performances throughout the year at regional competitions, the Seacoast Dancers move on to compete in one national competition in the Summer.

Competing dancers range from age 6-18 and are invited to join from either careful observation in class or from a private audition. The Seacoast Dancers have the opportunity to learn from esteemed choreographers and learn their competing routines from mid-late July until October. Rehearsals for Seacoast Dancers take place before or after classes during the week and on weekends before competitions. As a member of the team, each Seacoast dancer must 1) attend scheduled choreography sessions, rehearsals, and competitions/conventions; 2) enroll in and attend the classes designated for them 3) enroll in and attend the Dancers Workshop Summer open class schedule; and 4) comply with all studio and team rules and policies.

– SD Hip Hop routine: 1 hip hop class per week (ages 8-18).

– SD Contemporary/Lyrical routine: 2 ballet classes and 1 contemporary/lyrical class per week.

– SD Tap routine: 1 tap class per week.

– SD Jazz/Musical Theatre routine: 2 ballet classes and 1 jazz class per week.

– SD Acrobatics routine: 2 ballet class and 1 acrobatics class per week.

– SD Ballet routine: 2 ballet classes per week.